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My name is Eileen Dellwo and I am a second grade teacher at MES. I have been at MES ten years. I graduated from New Mexico State University with my Bachelor's in Education. I have been married for 22 years and I have a eleven year old son named Will.

I will be teaching English/Language Arts and Social Studies to your child this year. My partner teacher is Jimaree McConnell will be teaching Math and Science. 

I am so excited to have your child in my class this year.

If you would like to schedule a conference, my conference time is 12:00-1:05.

Recent Posts

May 5 - End of the Year

Busy weeks to come here are some upcoming dates I thought you might want to know about:
Monday May 14th - 3rd and 4th grade STAAR  Math  (I will be giving the StAAR both days)
Tuesday May 15th - 3rd and 4th grade STAAR Reading
Thursday May 17th - Talent Show Tryouts
Monday May 21st - All library books due
Tuesday May 22 - Second Grade Awards 9:00 am
Wednesday May 23 - BOGO book fair
Thursday May 24 - EOY parties
Friday May 25 -  Talent Show/Last day of school early release

April 16 - April 27

Sorry I have been out so much this week, I promise these next few weeks we will be back to normal.  I managed to catch that nasty stomach flu that has been going around.  
We are approaching the end of the year! The last week in April I will stop my small groups for a couple of weeks and begin end of the year testing.  It's so hard to believe we are already here.  Please continue to read with your children.  Testing will take the place of  reading groups for a little while I complete testing.  I have seen some real progress this past few weeks in many of my students so please parents keep doing what your doing.
In reading, we are working on an author's study with a new author.  In reading we are working writing a personal narrative for our district writing benchmark.  I hope to finish their personal narratives by the end of the week.  

April 9- 13

We are finished with our poetry unit and we are moving on to to a detailed author's study.  We are really focusing on on a the similarities and differences of various author's in the next coming weeks.
In writing we are working on writing a personal narrative for our end of the year benchmark.  
I will send home our I-station goal for this week.  Please be sure to update your APTT folders.  
In a couple of weeks we are I will begin end of the year testing.  I can't believe this year is coming to and end.  It is always a little sad to see your kids moving on.  We become a like a family by the end of the year.  I am always a little melancholy at this time of the year.  I am glad to see your children growing and learning, but sad to see them go at the same time. I really will miss them.  
Have a wonderful week!

April 2 - April 6

I can't believe we have only eight weeks of school left. This year has gone by so fast.  Your kids continue to grow and mature and I have loved being part of it this year.  
This week in reading, we are continuing with poetry this week.  We are really working on mental images and really thinking about what we are reading and truly trying to comprehend what the poet is trying to tell us.  
In writing, we have just finished our how to books. We are working on opinion piece of writing currently.  We are backing up our opinions with reasons and with examples.  Your children are and continue to grow in their writing.  
Looking forward to a wonderful week with your children.  Have a great week!

March 26-March 29

I can't believe we are in the 4th nine weeks already, this year is really flying by so fast.  Report cards will be sent home in Tuesday Folders this week so be on the lookout.  
This week in reading we are coming back to Poetry.  We will be discussing characteristics of poetry, but we will be digging deeper and really talking about imagery,visualizing and most of truly comprehending and understanding the poems we read. 
In phonics, we are working on gh making three sounds, the f sound, no sound and the the g sound. 
We also be working on writing an opinion story.  Students will have to come up with a topic and generate reasons why they think what they think.  
I am looking forward to being with your kids this week.  Right now I am concentrating on pushing this last 4th nine weeks.  Curriculum and reading groups are becoming tougher and I am really trying to prepare them for 3rd grade.
 Your kids are really amazing and they are growing and trying so hard.  I am proud of their growth and their willingness to embrace the growth mindset. They are awesome!

March 5th-9th

Thanks so much for coming to our APTT meeting last week.  It fills great to know that we are truly partnering in your child's education.  Each child in my classroom means the world to me and my goal is to get them all where they need to be.  Thanks for all your support.  I want you to know that you can really make a difference in your child's growth.    
This week we are working on author's purpose which to entertain, to inform or to persuade.  We are also writing a new personal narrative.  
Don't forget Field Day is Friday.  We look forward to seeing you all there!  Second grades activities are all in the morning. Everyone is excited it should be a really fun day. 
Have a great week!

Feb 27 - March 2

We have a busy week ahead!  
Don't forget our APTT meeting is on Tuesday, Feb. 27th at 5:30 pm in your child's homeroom class.  When our meeting is finished the second grade program will take place in the cafeteria.  If you are saving seats please sit on the left side of the cafeteria if you are facing the stage so you can see your kiddos. 
Also, field day in coming up it is planned for Friday Feb. 9th.  We are really looking forward to hopefully the weather will be dry for us.  We haven't been out in recess for days due to the wet weather.  
We look forward to seeing you at our meeting on Tuesday.  

Feb. 19-23

Remember our next APTT meeting is scheduled for February 27, at 5:30 pm starting in your child's homeroom which will be followed directly by our special friendship program.  We hope everyone can make it!!
This week we are continuing our unit of literary nonfiction.  We are learning the difference between expository and literary nonfiction.  We have studied many historic figures such Helen Keller, Ruby Bridges and Martin Luther King.  
In writing, we have wrapped our poetry unit and have moved on to writing realistic fiction.  
I will be another busy, but I am looking forward to spending with your kiddos. Have a fantastic week!

Feb. 12-16

Our second APTT meeting is scheduled for Friday, February 27 at 5:30 pm.  The meeting will take place from 5:30 - 6:30 and after that your children will perform a musical program which is entitled "How to Be A Friend".  
We are gearing up and we hope to see you all there.  At our next APTT meeting we will inform you where your child is and how to help them improve here at school.  As an extra bonus you will then get to watch your children perform right after our meeting is over.  It will be a great night more information will come home in Tuesday folders this week so be on the lookout.
In reading we are learning on components of literary nonfiction. We will continue to work on our comprehension skills and thinking about what we are reading.  We will be working on adding suffixes and the c and g sounds in phonics.
Have a great week!

Feb. 5 - Feb 9

In reading, we are studying poetry right now. This last week we noticed the distinct features of poetry such as short lines, stanzas, rhyming words and the rhythm of poetry.  We also talked about how poetry makes us feel.  This next week, we will dive a little deeper into poetry and use our inferring skills to help us understand and comprehend what specific poems are about.  
In language arts, we will be writing our own poetry which your children have already started and done a great job with last week.  In phonics, we have been working on on learning and mastering the five phonetic skills which help your children know how to identify whether a vowel is short or long and help them with their overall reading skills.  
We are chugging along and we are busy, busy!! Progress reports go home on Tuesday.  Have a great week!

Jan. 26 - Feb. 2

We are beginning our poetry unit this week.  We are learning about the look of poetry, stanzas, line breaks etc., and seeing things a different way.  
In language arts we just finished our writing benchmarks.  I was so proud of your children they did a really awesome job.  We are also learning about the five phonetic skill which will help your children in reading.  
Progress reports go out next Tuesday so be on the lookout for them.  It sure feels good to be back in a routine.  Sorry so short this week its been a busy week and a busy weekend.    Have a great week.

Jan. 22 - 26

I hope we are in for a normal week so we can get back to our routine.  These past couple of weeks have been crazy and cold.  We were just getting back to the routine and then the ice came.  I hope enjoyed extra time with your kids, I enjoyed extra time with mine.  
We are finishing up our non-fiction unit this week. We will be learning specifically about test taking strategies. We are focusing on going back in the text and looking for information.  This is a skill that is difficult and takes a lot of practice.  
We are also taking our writing benchmark this week. We will be brainstorming ideas and planning our writing pieces. 
Looking forward to the week with your kids!

Jan. 16 - 19

I hope everyone Christmas was wonderful.  I unfortunately had the flu, but I was so grateful to have time and rest without feeling like I was letting down everyone at school.  I sure did miss being with all your kids.  
In language arts, we are taking some sight word tests right now.  Your children need to be able to read and write the 40 and 85 word list.  They should also be able to read 180 word list.  I will share the results at our next  APTT meeting in February.  We haven't yet figured out a date we are trying to coordinate with another grade level, but we will shortly and get back to you.
In reading, we are finishing up our nonfiction unit and we will be reviewing what we have learned so far. We will be reviewing the differences between fiction and nonfiction, identifying text features and how they help us in a text, an author's purpose for writing nonfiction (to inform) and how to gather information from a nonfiction text.
Hopefully everyone will be less tired this next week.  We all had a hard time adjusting to our early morning schedule last week including myself.   It should be a great week. 


So sorry I missed my update last week.  I was feeling under the weather and it turned out I had strep throat right along with about half of both of our classes.  The janitorial staff did a deep cleaning which hopefully sanitized everything so no one else gets sick.  We have had so many kids this past couple of weeks.
Well of course the Christmas Party is on Friday.  Please make sure you have sent your $5.00 to pay for lunch on that day.  It will be a week mixed with some fun of course. I have a feeling the class elf may come out this week!  Your children have been asking when he is going to come out and I think this is the week!
Along with fun this week I will continue with the academic push and keep up with our routine as much as possible.  Structure and routine is what is keeping normalcy in the classroom at this point. and keeping me and your children sane.  Getting your children ready for third grade is my priority and I won't quit this week.
I just want wish your family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I am looking forward to having some time off to spend with my family.  I am really looking forward to sleeping in quite frankly,no more 5:00 am alarm.  Please enjoy your children they are all a pretty awesome bunch of kids and they are super excited about Christmas.  I wish your family many blessing this holiday season and I am thankful that I get to be part of your children's life everyday.  I will miss them while we are off.   Love you all and Merry Christmas.  

Dec. 4 - 8

This week in reading we are working on exploring the differences in fiction and nonfiction. We be looking at text features and figuring the important facts in nonfiction texts.
In language arts we working on writing an "All About Book".  Students will try and figure out what they are experts on and then write a nonfiction texts on that topic. 
In phonics we will be working on short and long vowel sounds and distinguishing the differences between the two.  
Looking forward to a great week with your kids.