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Student Council
At Magnolia Elementary we are proud of our students and their leadership abilities. One of the organizations 4th graders can get involved in is Student Council.
In order to be on the Student Council a student must:
1. Fill out an application.
2. Have 2 teacher recommendations.
3. Write an essay explaining why they want to be on Student Council and what they would do to help M.E.S. be the BEST it can be.
Essays are rated by a committee. All items must be turned in by the deadline…responsibility is very important. Students must maintain good grades and conduct throughout the school year to remain on Student Council
Each year Student Council members decide what goals they have and work hard to meet their goals. Last year our Student Council members helped with the food drives, collected box tops, completed fundraisers to help purchase items for our cafeteria ladies, helped purchase recess equipment for all of our grade levels, completed a service project at Unity Park in Magnolia, mentored many of our younger students and welcomed our special guests
Our counselor, Mrs. Golden is the sponsor of our Student Council. Please feel free to contact her if you have any questions at [email protected]