MES APTT Nights- Academic Parent Teacher Teams

We are excited about our Parent Partner Nights starting at the end of the month. With your child's teacher as your guide, you will receive a packet of information that will allow you to review your child's progress in relation to the grade-level skills being taught. With your child's teacher and grade level team, you will look at student information, set goals for the year and share ways you can support your child at home with academics. Please mark these dates on your calendar and join us for this awesome night of learning!  As always, you can contact your child's teacher to set up an individual conference at any time during the year. 
Grade Level Dates and Times
Kindergarten: Oct. 17th, 5:30 - 6:30
1st: Oct. 16th 5:30 -6:30
2nd: Oct. 18 5:00-6:15
3rd:  Oct. 18 5:00-6:00
4th: Oct. 23 6:00 - 7:15