MISD Adds Time to School Day

This year, Texas has been challenged with the weather starting with Hurricane Harvey and last week with our wintery weather days. 
Texas schools are required by law to have a minimum number of minutes each academic year. For Harvey, TEA waived the days missed but with the two inclement weather days last Tuesday and Wednesday, the district now falls short of minutes required.
In lieu of using the bad weather days designated on the calendar as May 29 – 30, we will be adding 5 minutes to the end of the school day starting February 1. This change will be in place for the remainder of the school year. Elementary schools will end at 3:30 and the secondary schools will end at 2:40.
We are dedicated to providing support and instruction to our students so each of them can achieve their academic goals while also minimizing the impact of last week’s closure on our parents during this challenging year. Thank you for working with us to meet these goals.
Dr. Todd Stephens