This Week in Language Arts...September 12-16

We are off to a wonderful start this year.  I have really enjoyed getting to know all the students.  They all put a smile on my face everyday!  :)
Here is what we are learning the week of September 12-16
We will be exploring the difference between fiction and nonfiction.  Your child should be able to look at a book and explain to you, why it is fiction or nonfiction.  We will also focus on the purpose of the writing.  
We are still working on  building our writing stamina.  It is growing everyday.  Yay!  We started the year brainstorming ideas for writing.  Now that we have ideas, we have started writing our personal narratives.  The focus is on writing neatly, correct spacing, and making complete sentences.  We will also start our discussion on common and proper nouns.
The students have been working on learning the procedures of our spelling program.  Ask your kids to explain "Buddy Study" to you.  More information will be given at the parent/teacher conferences.
One more thing...your child should be bringing home a daily folder.  This is where you will see notes from the teacher, homework, take home readers,etc.  It is a great way to communicate and keep everything in one spot.
*Homework and Take Home Readers will start September 19th.